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STOCKLOGCC offers Specialized High Pressure Solutions up to 500 Bar and Maritime Sales, Services and Training for Submarines and surface vessels

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A wide variety of projects in the maritime, Energy, Food and Beverage and Research & Development..

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We strive to build a positive relationship with our clients offering 24/7 service and quality products


Oil & Gas

Whether onshore or offshore our products are used in a variety of applications within the oil and gas sector.  Compressors designed for 24/7 operation, their robust construction allows them to be used virtually anywhere


StocklogCC sells all main components for theair generation and treatment systemused in vehicles brake systems, suspension, sanding devices or pantograph. 


In the naval sector, StocklogCC has established itself as the market leader for high pressure compressors, valves, and filters. However, the company’s Products perform not only on water but also on land.


Our starting & working air compressors have proven themselves in this demanding market. Thanks to permanent ongoing development together with our customers, they are today among the most modern and most economical compressors in the world


For decades now, our products have been operating reliably in power plants of all types throughout the world – whether they operate continuously or in start / stop mode. 

Food & Beverage

StocklogCC offers dedicated Class 0 certified compressor air systems for the food and beverage industry. Guaranteed oil-free air for safe and high-quality end products, lowest total cost of ownership

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