Almig Air Dryers

Referigeration dryers

ADD refrigeration dryer series

These refrigeration dryers cut your production costs and improve productivity. A powerful, two-stage, stainless steel plate heat exchange system guarantees reliable dryer operation up to an inlet temperature of +55°C and a pressure dew point of +3°C.

The refrigeration dryers of the ADD series can be used flexibly in numerous applications:

  •  as a stand-alone unit
  • for wall mounting · or as part of a set (compressor plus refrigeration dryer) for the screw compressors
  • BELT 4 – 37
  • VARIABLE 16 – 34

ALM series – powerful and reliable

The powerful refrigeration dryers of the ALM series are highly efficient quality dryers which have proven themselves in countless applications. They offer good profitability and reliability at inlet temperatures of up to +60°C and a pressure dew point of +3°C. The series is also characterised by particularly large heat exchanger surfaces, guaranteeing a constant pressure dew point and good water separation even under extreme operating conditions.

Cold-regenerative adsorption dryer

ALM-CCD / ALM-CD series

The cold-regenerative ALM-CCD/-CD adsorption dryers are used wherever compressed air is being dried to a pressure dew point of –20 °C, –40°C or –70°C. The series offer compact design and simple operation.

Key data:

  • Pressure dew point: ALM-CCD: -40°C, -70°C ALM-CD: -20°C, -40°C, -70°C
  • Volume flows: 9 – 9400 m3/h
  • Operating pressure: 3 – 16 bar (overpressure)
  • Ambient temperature: 5 – 50°C


  • Low maintenance costs
  • Simple installation/operation
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Constant pressure dew point
  • Guaranteed reliability

Heat-regenerative adsorption dryer

ALM-WD series

At higher ratings in particular, heat-regenerative adsorption dryers are more efficient and most notably more cost effective to run than cold-regenerative ones.

Key data:

  • Pressure dew point: -40°C at 100% nominal load
  • Volume flows: 245 – 4280 m3/h
  • Operating pressure: 4 – 16 bar (overpressure)
  • Ambient temperature: 5 – 50°C


  • Ideal positioning of heating elements in drying bed
  • Optimum use of regenerative energy
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Simple installation/operation
  • Constant pressure dew point

Frey High Pressure Air dryers

Compressed air drying, compressed air drying, filtration and condensate preparation

HD compressed air dryer

We would be glad to advise you on the economical compressed air treatment, whereby we can take advantage of a large product range of leading manufacturers.

  • Air filter for oil and dust separation
  • Compressed air refrigeration dryer
  • Compressed air adsorption dryer, cold-regenerating (heatless process)
  • Compressed air adsorption dryer, heat-regenerating
  • Oil / water separator for condensate preparation
  • Further compressed air accessories
  • High pressure adsorption dryer up to 350 bar

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Air Cooled Compressors

Sauer Compressor Range

Mistral Series

7 to 40 Bar Compressors

The 2-stage air-cooled compressors helped establish Sauer’s reputation for high quality. After 75 years of production, these models are now in their third generation of development. These models are designed to have the following advantages: Direct drive (no belt maintenance) Light weight with small installation footprint. Engineered for continuous operation in extreme environments. Extended operation time between required maintenance intervals (2000 operating hours).

Passat Series

14 to 80 Bar Compressors

The Sauer 3-stage compressor demonstrates exceptional endurance even under the most difficult operating conditions. The 3-stage design lowers cylinder compression temperatures, and reduces the pressure ratio per cylinder. This feature promotes lower maintenance costs and improves unit longevity and reliability.

Hurricane Series

115 to 400 Bar Compressors

High-pressure compressors showcase our engineering superiority and production expertise. Founded on our renowned military design experience and through continuous innovation, Sauer

Compressors has developed the most cost effective and reliable industrial compressors in the market.

Tornado Series

80 to 420 Bar Compressors

High-pressure compressors showcase our engineering superiority and production expertise. Founded on our renowned military design experience and through continuous innovation, Sauer Compressors has developed the most cost effective and reliable industrial compressors in the market.

Almig Range

AP/AT series piston compressor – mobile compressors of industrial quality

10 Bar Compressors The AP/AT series of piston compressors from ALMiG comprise industrial quality mobile compressors with direct drive. They are available with volume flows of 190 – 620 l/min and receiver sizes of 50 – 200 l.

Special features of the mobile compressed air systems:

  •  High-quality air intake filter, generously dimensioned with easy-to-change filter inserts
  • Valve plates of high-quality steel with stroke limitation and long service life
  • Steel quick-release coupling with ULTRA-FLOW valve for high flow capacity
  • Robust chassis with large, wide rubber wheels for ease of transport and safety
  • Pressure lines with fins on surface for optimum cooling and durability
  • 3-phase plug with phase inverter, simply select the right motor rotation direction
  • 2 pressure gauges for receiver and working pressure generously sized cast iron fan for best possible cooling
  • Brand-name pressure switch with relief valve and operating hours counter for optimum monitoring
  • Robust, high-quality energy-saving motor (class EFF 1) for minimum operating costs
  • Operating panel with filter controller, oiler, pressure gauge and 3 quick-release couplings (AT 6002, 7002)

Series A piston compressor – directly driven compressors with individual modular system

10 to 15 Bar Compressors

Supremely tough yet economical describes the air-cooled single- or two-stage compressors of the A series with direct drive. In terms of quality, operating reliability and service life, they set the standard for industrial facilities and guarantee maximum overall reliability and cost-effectiveness.

The technical features:

  • Cylinders of high-quality grey cast iron with deep fins
  • Cast aluminium cylinder heads
  • High-performance cast-iron axial fan
  • Needle bearings in both push rod eyes
  • Brand-name pressure switch with operating hours counter as standard (for version on receiver)
  • Large, highly effective intake filter
  • Energy-saving motor (EFF 1) – IP 54 protection, protection class F

The compact design, performance increments and smart modular system allow piston compressors to be used cost-effectively around the clock. They can be individually and reliably adapted to all operating conditions. The compressed air systems are therefore even ideally suited to sensitive areas of application such as medicine/hospitals, foodstuffs and drinking water supplies.

The modular system comprises:

  • Compressor units for installation purposes
  • Units on base frame for free installation
  • Compressed air systems with horizontal or vertical receivers (also with coupled refrigeration dryers)
  • Compressed air systems with or without sound insulation box
  • Compressed air systems as A-tower, freely configurable with up to 3 units of the same type

HL / HLD series piston compressor – industrial compressors for all areas of application

10 to 40 Bar Compressors

Thanks to their modular principle, the HL / HLD series piston compressors can be used in all conceivable areas – even under very tough industrial conditions up to 40 bar. They are setting standards in quality, reliability, service life and ease of use. ALMiG compressors are renowned for the cost-effective generation of compressed air, even in three-shift continuous operation.

Combined with the large, high-performance fan v-pulley (HL), the free-standing, grey cast iron cylinders with large cooling fins produce a highly effective cooling system for very low system temperatures and maximum compressed air quality.

Other key benefits of the HL/HLD series:

  • Low speed and piston speed
  • Generously rated intake and pressure valves
  • Intake and pressure lines for high overall system efficiency

COMBI series screw compressor – the compact and quiet compressed air station

8 to 13 Bar Compressors

The COMBI product range of screw compressors is the cost-effective 4-in-1 solution from ALMiG. The compressed air station combines a compressor, compressed air receiver (with autom. condensate drain as an option, otherwise manual shut-off), refrigeration dryer and pre- and after-filter* in one housing as standard and therefore satisfies the stringent compressed air quality requirements for pneumatic applications according to DIN ISO 8573-1.

The COMBI screw compressors deliver 3 – 22 kW of power with volume flows of 0.21 – 3.34 m³/min and are fitted with a reliable and highly effective V-belt drive. Requiring a small space of 1 m² and emitting very low noise levels, the compact compressors can be installed exactly where the compressed air is needed, saving your company major investments in expensive pressure lines. Other benefits of these very compact compressors are their low weight and ease of transport. All it takes is one lifting truck or fork-lift truck to position the complete compressed air station.

BELT series screw compressor – compressor output with endurance

8 to 13 Bar Compressors

The BELT 4 – 200 series ensures your company benefits from a high compressor output and reliability at minimum operating costs around the clock. The tenacious compressors are fitted with a low-maintenance V-belt drive, which transfers the 4 – 200 kW of power with virtually no losses. This means that the compressor makes full use of the motor’s output.

The BELT 4 – 200 series enables very cost-effective and reliable usage in a volume flow range of up to 30.52 m³/min. The fixed speed concept of the BELT series also delivers long service lives and low

maintenance costs, making the screw compressors especially well suited for use as base load compressors.

DIRECT series screw compressor – high performance with direct drive

7.5 to 13 Bar Compressors

The brand new design of the DIRECT series of screw compressors enables ALMiG to set new standards in the world of compressed air systems with direct drive.

In this instance, direct drive means that the motor’s output is transferred directly to the compressor stage without any loss by means of a v-belt or gear drive.

This type of drive is around 99.9 % efficient, i.e. much more efficient than standard drives: Even more compressed air from even less electric energy – around the clock.

The unique design concept of the DIRECT series makes it incredibly cost-effective in every kW class and therefore highly versatile. When these compressors with direct drive are combined with the VARIABLE series, they make an unbeatable energy-saving duo. Both compressed air systems have an identical design but the screw compressors of the VARIABLE product range also have a frequency converter.

Benefits of the energy-saving duo:

  • same system design
  • same components
  • same supply of spare parts
  • same handling
  • outstanding cost-effectiveness

GEAR series screw compressors – high delivery volume that packs a punch

8 to 13 Bar Compressors

The compressed air systems of the GEAR series allow ALMiG to supply a new generation of screw compressors for very high compressed air requirements. The product range includes delivery volumes of 3.58 – 71.15 m³/min at max. operating pressures of 8, 10 and 13 bar.

The maintenance- and service-friendly drive concept of the GEAR compressors includes a robust drive motor with high power reserves and flexible, well balanced couplings with interchangeable operating elements. The concept delivers minimum slip, high reliability, is virtually free of losses with an efficiency of > 98% and is gentle on the drive. What’s more, highly efficient separation of the cooling medium enables a minimum residual oil content of just 2–3 mg/m³.

FLEX series screw compressor – powerful mini compressors for quiet operating environments

5 to 13 Bar Compressors

The speed-controlled, directly driven compressors of the FLEX series are based on cutting edge research and technology and are used wherever compressed air is to be generated by a small, compact and extremely quiet system. Because of the integrated single-shaft solution, the sound level of these small screw compressors is around 60 dB(A), allowing them to be used directly in the workplace.

VARIABLE series screw compressor – energy saving of up to 35% using SCD technology

5 to 13 Bar Compressors

The speed-controlled screw compressors of the VARIABLE series have been developed with the latest knowledge drawn from research and technology for applications with variable compressed air requirements.

  • Speed control
  • Constant mains pressure, stepless from 5 – 13 bar
  • Extremely good system efficiency
  • No start-up changeover power peaks
  • No expensive idle times

G- and V-Drive series screw compressors – consistently high performance

8 to 13 Bar Compressors

The screw compressor series G-DRIVE and V-DRIVE offer consistently high performance as well as numerous features for particularly reliable, energy-efficient operation and convenient maintenance.

There are various useful extensions available for the latest generation of ALMiG screw compressors: an efficient heat recovery system with a constant temperature, an integrated refrigeration dryer which is precisely designed for the delivery volume of the system, as well as the latest controllers to network your entire compressed air station. The system extensions do not affect the footprint of the compressor at all.

Optional integrated refrigeration dryer

In this version, the refrigeration dryer is integrated in the system to save space. The compressor is used to supply the dryer with power, control it and protect it against freezing if operated at “underload”. The parameters of the refrigeration dryer are exactly tailored to the respective kW class and the dryer cannot be “bypassed”.

Energy-saving speed control

All variants are also optionally available with energy-saving speed control. This is where the highly efficient direct drive comes into play: the high-frequency drive motor operates with outstanding efficiency over the entire speed range.

The operating pressure can be adjusted steplessly from 5 to 13 bar. The high-quality frequency inverter is easy to access in the control cubicle – an optimised cooling air guide provides optimum ventilation. Inverters and cables are electro-magnetically shielded.

Heat recovery system

All our systems are designed so that an integrated heat recovery system can be fitted into them – either directly at the factory or as a subsequent retrofit. With this system, the energy consumed for the generation of compressed air can be converted almost entirely to usable heat; for example, as hot water for feeding into heating systems or for heating process water or industrial water. The constant temperature of the heat recovery system ensures reliability.

Reduced service costs

The G-DRIVE and V-DRIVE screw compressors are very easy to maintain: all components are easily accessible from one side and the large sound-insulating doors are easy to remove. This reduces the maintenance and downtimes to a minimum, and ensures that the service costs are completely manageable.

G-Drive T series screw compressors – highest efficiency in class

8 to 13 Bar compressors

With the two stage G-Drive T screw compressor series ALMiG sets new standards in energy efficiency. By compressing air in two stages they achieve a specific performance which is at the highest level. Therefore, the G-Drive T screw compressor series offers a higher volume flow with a lower input power consumption, in comparison to an equivalent single stage compressor. Low rotational speeds and lower internal compression ratios within the compressor stages increase the efficiency, reliability and lifetime of the compressor elements. State of the art efficiency, coupled with a low sound level and low service costs, makes the two stage technology very interesting for industrial compressed air users.

The G-Drive T screw compressor series offers all these benefits, plus a compact footprint due to its well-thought-out design. With a look to Industry 4.0, the controller of the compressor has all the required functionalities to communicate with common industrial company systems. Or simply use the cloud service to monitor the compressor from anywhere.


  • Due to the high efficiency of the compressor maximum energy savings can be achieved and the life cycle costs of the machine can be reduced
  • Up to 15% greater energy savings in comparison to a single stage compressor
  • Durable and reliable
  • Low differential pressures
  • Reduced heat load
  • Easy maintenance and service

The unique design of the airend integrates the first and second stage into one compressor element. The rotors of both air ends achieve the optimal speed due to the gear drive.

An efficient compression is achieved by using a cooling oil mist for interstage cooling. This controlled amount of oil enables at the same time to avoid condensate in the second stage. A complicated and expensive separate interstage cooling is not necessary and reliability increases.

  • Water Cooled Compressors
  • Sauer Compressor Range
  • Typhoon Series
  • 10 to 100 Bar Compressors

The Alternative to Air-Cooled Compressors With over 75 years of commercial and naval experience, Sauer Compressors has developed a series of highly competitive, robust, water-cooled compressors. These units are ideal for industrial applications where airflow, high ambient temperatures, and/or ambient noise pose operational difficulties.

  • 5000 Series
  • 100 to 350 Bar Compressors

High-Pressure Solutions for the Most Extreme Requirements Our water-cooled, high-pressure compressors are proven worldwide in exceptionally tough applications. They are the standard compressor for the US Navy Carrier Fleet and have also been installed on the US Submarine Fleet

and various other Navy programs. Sauer Compressors supplies a cost effective commercial unit, which offers the same dependability and advantages of the military version.

  • 6000 Series
  • 10 to 500 Bar psi Compressors

With more than 70 years of innovative design, Sauer Gas Compressors have long convinced customers of their worth in numerous fields of application for process engineering that requires high quality compressed gas or air. Experience and know-how make it possible as well as individually designed compressor packages. Today we offer 3- and 4-stage gas compressors for up to 5075 PSI in an extensive, and standardized, product range.

  • Oil Free Compressors
  • Sauer Compressors
  • Harmattan Series
  • 5 to 15 Bar Compressors

With the new oil-less Harmattan series, Sauer is striking new paths in compressor technology by releasing the very first series that operates completely without oil lubrication. The design concept is based on a real boxer design involving many advantages that will positively distinguish the Harmatten series from all other compressor lines on the market. This new series will pave the way into industries such as medical technology, pharmaceutics, electronics and food production, where oil-less compressors have become the industry standard.

Haug Compressors

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Almig Compressors

LENTO series screw compressor – oil-free compressed air of outstanding quality

5 to 13 Bar compressors

Screw compressors of the oil-free LENTO series deliver maximum cost-effectiveness in compressed air treatment by precisely matching the volume flow to the exact compressed air requirement and through low compressed air outlet temperatures and minimised service and maintenance costs.

Not only is there demand for high-quality, 100 % oil-free compressed air in the pharmaceutical, foodstuffs, electrical engineering and medical industries, but wherever products of the highest quality are produced. Therefore ALMiG’s oil-free compressors of the LENTO series deliver maximum compressed air quality in highly sensitive areas of use. Only water, the most natural of all raw materials, is used in the compression process. This produces:

  •  Clean, environmentally-sound compressed air without oil; dust particles drawn in are washed out by the water
  • Clean condensate – pure water – can be discharged directly into the sewer system
  • Very low temperatures during compression thanks to excellent heat transfer via the water. Only tiny amounts of energy are therefore used to generate the compressed air

A-O series piston compressor – oil-free compressors with individual modular system and direct drive

Supremely tough yet economical describes the air-cooled single or two-stage and also the oil-free compressors of the A-O series with direct drive. In terms of quality, operating reliability and service life, they set the standard for industrial facilities and guarantee maximum overall reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Technical features:

  • Cylinders of high-quality grey cast iron with deep fins
  • Cast aluminium cylinder heads
  • High-performance cast-iron axial fan
  • Needle bearings in both push rod eyes
  • Brand-name pressure switch with operating hours counter as standard (for version on receiver)
  • Large, highly effective intake filter Energy-saving motor (Eff 1) – IP 54 protection, protection class F

The compact design, performance increments and smart modular system allow piston compressors to be used cost-effectively around the clock. They can be individually and reliably adapted to all operating conditions. The compressed air systems are therefore even ideal for sensitive areas of application such as medicine/hospitals, foodstuffs.

The modular system comprises:

  • Compressor units for installation purposes
  • Units on base frame for free installation
  • Compressed air systems with horizontal or vertical receivers (also with coupled refrigeration dryers)
  • Compressed air systems with or without sound insulation box Compressed air systems as A-tower, freely configurable with up to 3 units of the same type

DYNAMIC series turbo compressor – oil-free high-performance compressors with low energy costs

3.5 to 10.5 Bar compressors

The DYNAMIC series contains three-stage, oil-free compressors in the 200 to 2000 kW power range. The extremely powerful compressed air stations deliver volume flows of 25 – 350 m³/min with a final compression-pressure level of up to 10 bar. The DYNAMIC series is used primarily in medium- to large-scale industrial applications in the petrochemical, refinery, steel and automotive industries. Wherever a steady, reliable and cost-effective supply of 100% oil-free compressed air is needed.

Benefits of the DYNAMIC turbo compressors:

  •  100% oil-free compressed air
  • Clearly defined operating costs
  • Extremely low energy costs in line operation
  • Very compact design with extremely high delivery volume
  • User-friendly microprocessor control Minimal maintenance effort

Boosters & Gas Compressors

Almig Compressors

Booster series piston compressor – efficient compressors for secondary compression at low speeds

ALMiG’s Booster series in the 2.2 – 18.5 kW power range is a comprehensive range of piston compressors, used mainly for the secondary compression of compressed air.

Boosters are used where there is already pre-compressed air of up to 10 bar or compressed air is supplied by an upstream normal pressure compressor. The Booster piston compressors compress the compressed air to the desired higher final pressure of no more than 40 bar in a downstream second compression process – and do this simply, safely and without you having to invest in your own high-pressure network.

The compressors are characterised by a compact design and clear, easy-to-service setup. They are known for their cost-effective generation of compressed air and a long service life, even in three-shift continuous operation. Due to their smart modular principle, the air-cooled boosters with low speeds of 600 to 1450 rpm adapt to virtually all operating conditions. They are designed for primary pressures of 5 – 10 bar as standard.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Filters” tab_id=”1452765443215-63a10c55-a5ef”][vc_column_text]Schünemann Filters

Single filter

SAB provides single filters for almost every application. With our wide range of products, we are able to filtrate liquids and gases and offer customized solutions. From the cast single filer (on stock) for water applications up to welded filters with TÜV or any other 3rd party approval for high aggressive fluids, SAB follows all challenges. On request all our filters are equipped with different pressure indicator or magnetic insert.

Duplex filter

SAB’s F101 and F311 duplex filters made of spheroidal graphite cast iron are designed for continuous and maintenance-free operation. The F311 can be switched very easily using the A 300 Valve developed by us. Our F605 welded duplex filters are used for higher pressures or aggressive media. Customer-specific solutions are of course also possible.

Automatic filter

Automatic filter F450

SAB‘s F450 Self Cleaning Filter automatically cleans all low viscosity fluids at high output flow rates. No matter if it is during filtration of aggressive fluids, desalination, industrial process or power station cooling the F450 will meet the need. This system reliably protects heat exchangers and other downstream components from clogging and fouling. The intelligent use of the Bernoulli principle for the automatic self – cleaning filter units enables significantly longer service life of the system.

Made to order solutions

SAB‘s F450 filter can be purpose built using various materials for the housing and internal wet parts which serve the basis behind SAB‘s solutions. Nominal diameters up to DN 800 are possible, and the positioning and number of connections are possible in accordance with the particular facility. Special design of installation size allows continuous filtration without process interruption with a flow rate, up to 8,000 m³ / h, the filter mesh size begins at 150 μm. The customer can select between pneumatic or electrical drives, also with ATEX approval. Schünemann offers a control unit that is exactly matched to the parameters of the filter, and that can be simply integrated into higher – level control and monitoring systems operated by the customer (DLCs). The option of condition – based monitoring for maintenance allows the possibility of state – oriented servicing and repair. This prevents unexpected down times.

Automatic filter F480

All industry is currently experiencing increasing needs for cooling and processingwater. As a result, requirements have grown for greater efficiency in filtration and for protection of downstream plant equipment in general. For SAB the logical conclusion lays in further development of our self-cleaning F450 filter to create our new F480. This new development enables considerably higher flow performance with a relatively small foot print, increases efficiency and long-life cycle of heat exchangers plates, and prolongs service life of the complete plant.

Automatic cleaning makes the difference

With a maximum flow rate of 45,000m³/h and connection sizes up to DN 2000 (80″), the F480 protects your equipment from clogging, contamination and damage. Precisely controlled and fully automated, the F480 operates continuously without unplanned shutdowns. SAB offers you top – quality german engineering with the accuracy and reliability of a swiss clock – all thanks to the principle discovered by the Dutch engineer Daniel Bernoulli.

Compact to save space and costs

The innovative strainer design of the F480 enables SAB to offer an extremely compact design that is the key to minimising costs. The space saving design allows technicians easy access for the service of the pump and helps to prevent problems in leakage and effective maintenance which ensures costs.

Integrated electronic control

The improved electronic control unit supplied with the F480 is both easy to use and easy to monitor with an integrated touch Screen. It can be integrated into a distribution control system.

Automatic scraper filter F430/F430 (G)

The F430 automatic scraper filter is a self-cleaning automatic filter for continuous and reliable operation which is fitted with a permanently attached scraper. The filter insert consists of a slotted hole screen. The filter is particularly suitable for sticky or highly viscous media.

Automatic backflush filter F400/F440 (G)

SAB’s fully automatic back flush filters F400 and F440 are one of our reliable automatic filters for continuous, uninterruptable and dependable operation. These filters are working by the principle of flow reversal by using a pressure loss between outlet and back flush line. These filters are able to operate on all fluids like water, lubricants, oils, as well all kind of fuels. The type series are distinguished within a welding design, F400 and F440 and a casted version F400G and F440G. Either F400 or F440 are working by the same back flush philosophy. The F440 is a supplement of the F400 with larger nominal diameter and therefore for higher flow rates. Against more aggressive fluids several coatings are available on request.

Marine filter

We will translate your specific nautical requirements into solutions. Our engineers can adjust the filter to the shape, material and installation space that you wish.


Almig Filters

Clean compressed air for any application

Compressed air filters guarantee clean compressed air to satisfy very stringent requirements. They can be used in a multitude of applications – wherever compressed air is required clean, dry or free of oil aerosols. It’s a huge undertaking, especially when you consider the fact that more than 2 billion particles and liquid molecules can be present in 1 m³ of compressed air at a compression end pressure of 10 bar. ALMiG high-capacity filters are perfect for the job.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Valves” tab_id=”1452765442453-b921a1fb-6ec8″][vc_column_text]Schünemann Valves

Shut-off valve

The Shut-off Valve is a manually operated, piston equalized valve. It is a compact valve assembly with a screw-in valve insert disposed in a casing. A lift indicator is included.

Hull valve

Manually operated hull valve with Kingston valve insert, lift indicator and screw-in valve insert.

Combined hull valve

Manually operated Double Hull Valve with Kingston type shut off valve insert in the first and Kingston type shut-off or non return valve insert in the second stage.

Pedal valve

The pedal valve is a spring-closing shut-off valve operated by a lever.

Proportional safety valve

The spring-loaded Proportional Safety Valve is used to release overpressure of vapours and gases. The valve cone is lifted by the system when the pressure exceeds a set value. The valve is available as an open or closed blowing version.

Non-return valve

The spring loaded Non-return valve is also available as a screw-down non return valve.

Flow regulating valve

Flow rate control valve for automatically controlling a constant flow rate with varying inlet pressures

Full lift safety valve

The spring-loaded full lift safety valve with lift limitation is used to quickly release over pressure of vapors and gases. The valve is available as a closed blowing version.